Casino Live and The Mobile Revolution

It’s no secret that casino gaming has changed radically in recent years. The internet is now such a huge part of our lives, offering us so many more convenient ways to do so many things we used to have to turn up at physical locations to do. The same phenomenon has hit the gambling industry. Players are flocking away from the physical casinos, preferring the convenience and no hassles of playing on their own computers, in their own homes. And the numbers just keep on growing!

Tasks that were previously such chores, like going to the supermarket, or the bank, or to pay various types of bills, are now available online. Being able to cut out any, or all, of these chores, is such a luxury for busy people. The same is applying to recreation. Game players of all kinds have long been using their personal computers to play at home, rather than having the hassle of getting presentable enough to venture out, rain, hail, or shine. It’s not only less hassle, but way less expensive overall, to save transport and other costs, by simply playing at home.

There are no queues, or extraneous noises, in your own living room. You control your own atmosphere, to exactly the way you like it, and to what helps you feel the most relaxed. The inevitable noise of hundreds of buzzing slot machines, and thousands of voices, is too much of a distraction for many. Your concentration improves, and so your strategic game playing also benefits.

A further development has been the advent of mobile gaming, moving this personal gaming experience from it’s fixed point in your living room, to follow you wherever you go, on your mobile devices. The rise of mobile devices is a world-wide phenomenon that has brought us to the point where we see a huge percentage of people carrying a mobile device with them 24/7. The gambling industry has not been slow to move on this trend, and mobile casino apps are available from all the top casinos, ensuring your recreation also follows you.

Casino Live – Technology Meets Tradition

If you are one of the multitude who have embraced the convenience of online casino straight to your home, or your mobile, you may also be one of the many who have asked for a step back, in one area at least. There are those who do miss the whole experience of sitting at a table, or by a wheel, with other players for company, and the cool, professional dealer presiding over the table, in other words, the personal touch. Online casinos have not been slow in recognizing this gap, and filling it with Casino Live Dealer games.

Sitting by yourself, with only your computer for company, can get to be quite a disconnecting experience over time, and for this reason, Casino Live has come into being, and has captured a large chunk of online gamers, looking to reconnect with that old-style real casino experience. You are still playing on a virtual platform, but the dealer is a real person, and you play with other real players, in real time, but still in the online environment, and it has proved extremely popular, bridging the gap between real and virtual.

Casino Live - The Live Dealer Rules

The central feature to Casino Live games is the live dealer, and that is the one most crucial factor to your experience. You will often get to choose your own dealer, you will be able to chat live, and they will manage the game, exactly the way they would on the floor of a physical casino.

The majority of the casinos offering live dealer games use chat functions to allow you to interact with your dealer in real time, asking questions and getting their answers throughout the progression of the game, and some even allow you to also chat live with your fellow players. The video system allows you to see the dealer in real time, and the audio communication means you get to hear them shuffling, dealing, and all the sounds that make the whole experience ‘real’.

Your real live dealer has trained in how to handle this virtual-real hybrid, to offer you the correct assistance, and generally to create the friendly, professional atmosphere you’re looking for.

Live Casino – How To

Once you have joined an online casino, and logged in to your account, all you need to do is click on the game you want, under the Casino Live section. The video link to the game immediately comes to life, and you are immediately immersed into the studio, or in some cases, into a real-life casino. Exciting stuff!

You will be greeted by a live dealer, some sites also allow you to choose the dealer you want, and once all the players are virtually seated at the table, the game starts, and your experience begins, in exactly the way it would be if you were physically there.

Regular casino rules apply to the live dealer games, and the video stream is never interrupted, so players see the dealer’s hands at all times, just as you would in a live situation. Choices are typically Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, or Poker, and can often also be played on your iOS and Android mobile devices!

What more can we say, except go try for yourself. A live game is waiting right now!