Live Casino Online Guide

Technology advances over the last twenty years have been numerous, and extensive. The gambling community have seen their favourite casinos move online, and have long been able to play from the comfort of their own living rooms. More recently, the mobile revolution has seen apps developed for many casinos, allowing players to take their games with them, playing wherever, and whenever, they choose to, giving them the power over their individual gaming experiences.

Despite the incredible flexibility, and control, players have been experiencing with the online gaming experience, players increasingly reported something missing, and while not wanting to give up the flexibility of online access, they also wanted a little of the excitement, and real contact, that they got on the physical casino floor.

The answer to this dilemma came with the advent of the Live Casino Online, giving access to Live Dealer Games. The experience can now be as exciting, and captivating, as being there in person.

From the Physical to the Virtual - Live Casinos Online

The gambling industry is one of the oldest in the world. Once it reached the stage of having casinos built, as purpose-built establishments completely dedicated to gambling, there they have stayed for many years. It is only since the early ‘90’s that casinos have moved onto the online stage, so over the last twenty or so years, the progress in that area has been amazing. Software developers upgrade constantly to take advantage of new developments in technology, so the games you see coming out now are the culmination of all those years dedicated to following and anticipating the needs of gamblers world-wide.

Multiple games are available online, as the software giants, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech, jumped onboard the casino online revolution, starting with all the classics; Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and of course Slots, with many others along the way. The focus was always on making games easy to use, and also as visually entertaining as possible.

More recently, a further development has been the advent of mobile apps, allowing players to play the greatest games on all their mobile devices. This development really follows the needs of modern players. They do everything on their mobile devices, and they now expect to do so. The majority of those who have access to any mobile devices carry them with them, pretty much 24/7. Apps for mobile use are therefore the driving force for constant change, and the software and gambling industry’s desire to meet their user’s demands.

The missing link between the massive drive toward more and more online offerings, and the reality of the physical casino, became an issue for players. They wanted the flexibility, and freedom, to play anywhere, but they were reportedly missing the excitement, and personality, of the real-life casinos. Particularly affected were high stakes players who were understandably nervous to entrust large sums of money to the faceless interface of computer generated dealers, in an anonymous internet environment. More skeptical players wanted to see the cards actually being dealt, from real packs, right in front of them, as they were used to, rather than by an automated computer system.

Hence the entry of live casinos online.

What is a Live Casino Online Game?

A Live Dealer Casino Game still takes place in virtual format, but with visual links to a real dealer, who manages and operates the game in real time, either in a studio, or on a table in a real casino. There are no random number generators, the real dealer shuffles and deals the cards the traditional way. Sceptics, and high rollers, are more comfortable seeing the process in front of them, with the fallibility but accountability of the real casino standing there behind the dealer. Some players are more reassured also that the fairness standards of the games are being upheld by real people, rather than by computer programmes.

The games available started with just the classics; Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack. As software developers have progressed, more options have become available. Now you can also play 3 Card Poker, Russian Poker, Craps, Casino Hold’Em, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Hi-Lo, Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud Poker, Dragon Tiger, Bet on Poker, and Bet on Baccarat among others, and some casinos have added Live Keno, Bingo, and Lotteries.

How Does a Live Casino Online Game Work?

Log in to the casino of your choice, and once joined, if you’re not already, log in to your account. Go to the section, or tab, showing Live Casino, and click on the game of your choice. A video and audio link immediately opens, and links you to the studio, or real casino, table. The video link shows you the table you are joining, and the live dealer ready to start the game, once all players are virtually seated. The audio allows you to communicate with your dealer, and hear them actually shuffling and dealing as well. Some interfaces also allow you to chat in real time with the other players.

Aside from the technicalities of connecting, the joining of an actual table, with an actual dealer, immediately brings that live excitement with it. It is no longer a faceless, disconnected experience, it is much more personal, and inclusive. Even if your platform doesn’t allow you to chat to other players, you can sense they are there, and feed off the competitive edge between you.

Making all this possible are the remarkable advances made by the software giants, with better and better graphics and faster response times, and the telecommunications industry, with faster internet connection speeds, and advanced live streaming technology.


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